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About Me

Welcome! I am Haley Helveston, and I am super passionate about health and wellness my whole life. I was in a corporate job where I felt very trapped in a cubicle. I  felt like I had no purpose and I was having a quarter life crisis. I counted down the hours till lunch everyday… seriously not a good time in my life. Then I quit my corporate job and had several part time jobs trying to figure out what my purpose was. Then I realized I  could use my gifts to serve the world in a better way.  

 I found myself as a student of the Institute for Integrative Health. I became obsessed with learning about women’s health, so I took lots of courses, read lots of books, and absorbed as much as I could through going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I have learned so much about health, spirituality, sexuality and overall mindset work that I have done. I have also learned that your beliefs determine so much of your life.  My mission is to empower women through self-love, mindset, and nutrition. 

 I have realized that I can heal myself and I can help other women do the same!




Everyone needs help with their sexuality at some point in their life. The vast majority of people won’t actually seek out support. Will you be the one who will prioritize your sexuality and develop your sexual life? Or will you let it quietly fade away, or leave it alone in its shame to eat away at itself? The choice is yours, and now that you know there are options for you in order to develop your sexuality, I hope you’ll accept one…or two or three!

I offer two programs to get you started, a 3 month and a 6 month. Click below to find out more information.

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"Owning your sexuality and your sexual drive is one of the most empowering things anyone can do."